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I write things sometimes. I also really like the occult.

I also reblog a lot of artsy stuff to compensate for my own rueful lack of talent.

I have brainchildren. They live in the "characters" tab down below.

The lovely art you see in the sidebar images and background are characters of mine painted by vegarblack. Her art. My characters.


Leave me to my Inner Fire by BrookeGillette

Blooming flowers stuffed in the platform bases and wrapped around the ankles at Scherer Gonzalez S/S 2009 



India Bridal Fashion Week 2013: Rohit Bal

By the way, thank you Marccus for inspiring me to write that congratulatory post. I just got 14 porn blogs following me in 30 seconds.
Congratulations Marccus for 2,000 followers <3

For every new follower you gain, may one new chest hair sprout upon the chest of the bara of your dreams. May there be a carpet of pubes that awaits you, ensconcing a turgid DNA-rifle that would make Garrus Vakarian himself salivate to calibrate. May the bara of your dreams possess ass-dimples worthy of containing an entire bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal, and may his abs be so perfectly chiseled and peppered with fur that actual bears prostrate themselves before the strength of his prostate.

And may his spooge ever wash easily from your hair, and may it also taste of every hope and dream that shall one day be fulfilled for you.


A long overdue thank you for all of the support!  Hope you folks like it! =)

Click Here for the full picture(nsfw)


coloured lineart for Cakwe for follower giveaway:
"sitting cross-legged while eating seven pocky simultaneously"





reminder that these trees are full grown. amazing.


a tree is a tree no matter how small


(Source: flowersgardenlove)


So guys, a little promotion on my store for the last days of vacations! (And because I’m trying to raise funds for my trip to Germany.u_u)

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Pink Crescent Moon Necklace

This ornate crescent moon pendant is crafted out of gold-plated metal, and holds several bright pink gems. A winged connecting pendant attaches this lovely moon to a 28” gold-plated chain. Sold on Etsy.